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Regulated formation
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering
  • Ingeniería Técnica Informática de Gestión
  • Grado Superior Sistemas de Telecomunicación e Informática
  • Grado Medio Equipos Electrónicos de Consumo
About music. 
I enjoy expressing my feelings with songs. Here you can hear some that I have produced.

Also I play the clarinet in the music band of my city called Unión Musical Castellonenca in Castellón. Here you can see some movies of our performances.

About travelling.
I just love travelling!

Places where I lived abroad (how old I was)
  • Atzeneta (Spain)
  • Castellon (Spain) 
  • Dublin (Ireland) 21-22 years old
  • London (England) 23 years old
  • San Francisco (USA) 24 years old
  • Lyon (France) 26 years old
  • Athlone (Ireland) 26-27 years old
  • St. Gallen (Switzerland) 28-32 years old 
  • Zurich (Switzerland) 32 years old - 33
  • Bangkok (Thailand) 33 years old - present
Countries where I've been (39).

Places where I would like to travel
  • Everywhere...


manuelescrig (gmail)