Monday, September 17, 2012

Views of the city from the US Open Stadium

Last days in USA before going back to Spain.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Go Inspired is announcing new Courses for 2013!

Go Inspired is updating and announcing new courses for 2013.
Check out in Go Inspired website the new yoga courses, commedia dell'arte workshops, interior design in Italy...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to manage the expenses of a group of people?

Group Budget is the answer!
Managing group expenses and income has never been so easy...

Do you want to manage your monthly expenses and keep track of your cash flow? Are you traveling and want to manage the expenses for each person in your group? In charge of a team? Then Group Budget is definitely for you!

Group Budget Manager tracker app lets you:

★ Add as many groups as you want (no limit).
★ Add as many users as you want per group.
★ Manage the users’ cash flow tracking expenses and income.
★ View, print or email each user’s report.
★ Add, delete and edit new categories to have all the expenses and income organized.
★ Lock your app in case you lose your iPhone so all your information is private.
★ And much much more...

How it works:
Create your group expense and income reports directly on your mobile during your activity (group, team, month, travel...). Enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person's cash flow, follow the activity balance and view/email reports.

★ In charge of a group of students? Group Budget will help you manage and track the expenses of each student.
★ Are you a counselor on a trip? Group Budget will help you manage and track the expenses of each traveler.
★ Do you want to track the expenses of your family? Group Budget will help you manage and track the expenses and income of each member.
★ And many many other uses! With Group Budget, tracking and managing group budgets has become easier and faster.

Download it now and check out for yourself all the other features Group Budget has to offer.
Learn more at


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New iPhone App Released!

Taking advantage of the release of the new iPhone 5 in a couple of hours today,  I am announcing that I just released last week a new App compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch (IOS 5).
The new app is called Group Budget and it is a finance tool to keep track of the budgets of groups of people.
With Group Budget you are able to track the expenses and incomes of groups. It is a great tool for counselors, managers...

You can download Group Budget from the App Store.
Group Budget is my second IOS App released after the popular app for tracking people called People Tracker.