Friday, September 10, 2010

Mystery’s Top 10 Tips

Mystery’s Top 10 Tips:

1 ) Get into the habit of starting conversations just for the practice. Release your outcome and find a zen in the process.

2 ) Between approaches, always remember to smile while mingling.

3 ) Lean back and relax when you initiate conversations. Don’t lean in. Speak slowly and expressively. This alone will improve your game by 300%.

4 ) Be chatty - really - and convey a strong sense of fascination. Talk about relationships and the mysterious, and use lots of humor as well as emotional and sensory descriptions.

5 ) Don’t say anything to impress her, such as brag about your job, girls, friends, protectiveness, etc. Instead, obliquely convey value via demonstration and via incidental story details. If she can tell that you are trying to impress her, she will perceive you as lower value.

6 ) Don’t ever act as if anything is a big deal. Just be fun and playful all the time. Vibe with her but don’t have emotional reactions to her. The same way you would act with your 8-year-old niece.

7 ) As you hang out with her, and she has an opportunity to win you over, THEN show her increasing interest. She must recognize that she has genuinely won you over with her personality.

8 ) Balance indicators of interest with indicators of disinterest. Do this both in your conversation with her and also as you escalate with her physically. This has a nuclear effect.

9 ) Wear one accessory that gives other people an excuse to initiate a conversation with you. Have a good story prepared for when this happens.

10) Have a life. Go to the gym and stay in shape, and continually improve your wardrobe. Cultivate your circle of female friends. Throw parties. Put effort into your social circle. A girl should imagine herself being a part of your cool life.